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World Anti-Gay Alliance Launched

Success in Uganda, Russia has haters dreaming of de-gaying the world

Orange Stands Up For Ugandan LGBT workers

Multinational trelecom offers legal and security assistance

Photo from Ugandan Embassy FB page

Ugandan Hate Blossoms

Comments on Embassy website reveal deep-seated homophobia


While We Watch Sochi, They Hunt Ugandan Gays

How you can help with money, scientific facts, publicity.

Uganda: President Rejects Anti-Gay Bill But Terror Continues

Museveni awaits ‘expert’ report on causes of homosexuality – from MPs who are also GPs

Terror In Nigeria: Mass Arrests Widen

More arrests in more Nigerian towns and cities reported.


Perth Pride Should Be More Than Just Prams & Balloons

Over 80% want the night time parade back, not a day time parade!

The Mufasa Effect: Tim Wilson Gives Teh Gays The Shivers

Gays are all colours of the political rainbow, not just pink.

How Joe Hockey Can Save $30bn At A Stroke

We’re all paying $30bn a year for religions only 8% of us practice