Freshly Doug Thursday

Wedding in Spain, rotten eggs in Russia, zombies against Westboro, Christaliban in Africa: do they know it’s Xmas?

Rainbow Report: Rapid Testing, Disclosure & Stigma

Podcast from Is Rapid Testing a game changer? Did it help in NZ? How can we make it safe for people to tell us they’re HIV?

AIDS Councils silent on discrimination law reform

Is it time to defund the AIDS councils and give the money to useful people?

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Gareth takes his “Tatts on Ice”;Dolly gets death threats;Cheyenne goes gay;send a letter to Senate.

Write Senate, Not Santa: You have till midnight

You only have TILL MIDNIGHT to make a submission to the Senate Committee examining the Exposure Draft of Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 . I did: will you?

Freshly Doug Tuesday

You have till Friday to back the government’s anti-discrimination bill: here’s how you do it. And other news.

Tim Marshall

Freshly Doug Monday

A good news Monday: rapid HIV test approved; Victoria may remove spent convictions; AFL moves forward, maybe; conservatives embrace gay rights.

Rapid HIV Testing: not so fast!

Rapid HIV testing has been approved for use in Australia, but does this mean we can throw away the condoms and start hosting bareback parties?

Freshly Doug Weekender

HIV drugs an add-on, not a replacement, for condoms; Uganda ‘Kill Gays’ promoter visits Pope; Illinois the next marrying state?

Freshly Doug Thursday

Equal marriage, UK and ACT style;Desmond Tutu & Hun Sen, gay allies; comics in the Senate.