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Rainbow Report on Discrimination in Aged Care

Most aged-care in Oz is provided by non-profits, especially religious organisations. One wants to continue to discriminate against LGBTI without losing it’s $25m of govt. funding. Thu Jan 10 7pm AEDST Joy 94.9 Melbourne, online around the world.

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Some aged care providers don’t want us. Which ones? Christian ones!

Freshly Doug Monday

Another hot day: thoughts go out to friends nearby in the Daylesford area of Victoria, especially Jim, whose farm has been badly damaged by fire before, and Patrick, who moved…

Freshly Doug – New Year

Faint hopes and gloomy predictions: the year in prospect looks uninviting.

Rainbow Report New Year 2013

The Rainbow Report, live on line http//, via the free smartphone app, and free to air every Thursday 1900 hrs AEDST @Joy 94.9fm Melbourne, LGBTI radio for Australia and the world.

Why Anti-Gay-Rights Activists should be banned from getting Married

It’s an odd concept to have a situation where you can support gay marriage by signing a petition against marriage. Mat Parrott explains.

Rainbow Report for Christmas

Join me on Joy 94.9 Thursday night 1900-2100hrs AEDST for a two hour Xmas feast of political chat, spiced with music. Live streaming and iPhone/Android app available Click on this link for podcast

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Black Voices Not All Anti-Gay

Sometimes it seems that the worst thing you can be in black and gay in Africa & the Caribbean. But there are signs of change.

Freshly Stirred Christmas Pud

Doug reflects on 3 months of stirring. If you want to argue back, write to us. Doug hosts special festive Rainbow Reports on Joy 94.9fm Melbourne, Dec 27 and Jan 03, 1900 – 2100hrs Australian Easter Daylight Savings Time..