An Australian Christmas Lobby

My Christmas card to the Pope, the Christian lobbies, and all those others who have forgotten what their religion is supposed to be about.

The Wisdom of Shaun Robinson

The Rainbow Reporter asks why the local AIDS industry is so reluctant to acknowledge its failures or learn from others success.

Freshly Doug Weekender

Good news from Russia, a nutty stallion-stroking pastor, and a new way to get a Brazilian. Mele Kalikimaka! (as my Hawaiian hubby says)

Submission to the Senate Committee examining the Exposure Draft of Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012

Friday Dec 21 is the last day you can have your say on what you would like to see in anti-discrimination law. The OPI Pert want discrimination against HIV+ people included.

Color Line

Time to ask the hard questions: the problem with state same-sex marriage

Luke Gahan says we are heading into dangerous waters by pushing for state-based same-sex marriage laws.

Freshly Doug Thursday

Wedding in Spain, rotten eggs in Russia, zombies against Westboro, Christaliban in Africa: do they know it’s Xmas?

Rainbow Report: Rapid Testing, Disclosure & Stigma

Podcast from Is Rapid Testing a game changer? Did it help in NZ? How can we make it safe for people to tell us they’re HIV?

AIDS Councils silent on discrimination law reform

Is it time to defund the AIDS councils and give the money to useful people?