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Freshly Doug Wednesday

Tatchell says no need for hate-speech laws; LGBT holocaust exhibition tours US; can Pepsico save Ugandan gays; evidence of what does stop HIV infections rising.

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Freshly Doug Tuesday

Jailed in Senegal, divorced in Israel, barbecuing in Tassie, condomming in New Zealand: the variety of gay life around the world.


Emails about Qld AIDS defunding emerge

Emails lay bare the political nature of QAHC’s defunding and bureaucratic ignorance of state footwear emblem.

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Freshly Doug Monday

Complacency & disquiet on World AIDS Day, the Asian Gay Century, a West Point same-sex wedding; and Lithuania bans gender reassignment.

The Importance Of Sports In Our Fight Against The Bullies

Sports are a major part of the Australian way of life. It’s just who we are. And that should also include the LGBTIQ community. Because the LGBTIQ community is also part of the Australian people.

According to the Evidence

Jim Hyde, a committed, passionate and expert Public Health Policy professional, reckons we need a new HIV Prevention Task Force. He was Director, Prevention and Population Health (formerly Public Health) in the Victorian Department of Health and is a board member of the Institute of Public Administration Vic (IPAA), and the AIDS Trust of Australia.


Freshly Doug Weekender

Trial drag bar Tokyo; Supreme Court marriage trials; footballers trials by media; Joy turns 19.

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Freshly Doug Thursday

Mardi Gras lineup; death penalty still in Uganda Bill; gay parents breed terrorists, allegedly; Palmer & Katter in bed together; CIA turns lavender.

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Freshly Doug Wednesday

Save your charity dollars for our own people at Christmas, don’t go to Trinidad, and discovber that coming out is better than you fear, today on Freshly Doug.

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Rainbow Report on Progress

Are we making progress on marriage, fighting HIV, reducing discrimination, in the armed forces? Doug Pollard’s guests Air Commodore Tracy Smart, AMEs Carl Katter, AFAOs Rob Lake & OII Aus’s Gina Wilson tonight.