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Freshly Doug Weekender

Republicans for Obama; Gay & Lesbian Switchboard needs cash; more ex-gay horror; football still homophobic; all Freshly Doug from the webs for you.

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Young Lives At Stake

Gay to Straight ‘conversion’ therapies for kids are now banned in California – but not in Australia, where kids as young as twelve are forced into them, with catastrophic results. You’ll be amazed how many of these fakes are operating here.

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Freshly Doug Thursday

Uganda Kill Gays Bill revived; gay heroine retires; Daylesford ChillOut time; and handsome men who can’t take compliments. Freshly Doug for you this Thursday.

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Freshly Doug Wednesday

Jeremy Clarkson stuck in bottom gear; French opposition to equality grows;

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Rainbow Report on Violence

Have you ever been attacked, verbally, or physically? What happened? How did you deal with it? Contact The Rainbow Reporter Facebook page, tweet @rainbowreporter, or send an email to rainbowreport@ joy.org.au


Rediscover Pride

Are we really Out & Proud, or do we just have our hand out?

Freshly Doug Tuesday

San Francisco City Council pressure pro-sports to do more for gay athletes; a Bishop talks sense on criminalisation; Sicily elects gay governor; and why ban conversion therapy? Freshly Doug from the webs for you today.

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Freshly Doug Monday

Catholic Church spirals further into insanity; Romney says (privately) he loves the gays, (publicly) not so much; France objects to outing dead people; and Britain celebrates Vicious Old Queens. Freshly Doug, just for you. Guaranteed organic.


Entertained by Heartbreak

A young man is beaten, tortured, left tied to a fence to freeze to death. A man weeps at the loss of his love  during the worst of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. A…


Toxic Religion

Being gay is supposed to be bad for your health: but being religious can be far worse.