Angie Garrett

Discrimination Fail: Intersex

The inclusion of Intersex has been uncontroversial in Tasmania legislation, says OII, so why it would be so in federal legislation?

Rockbadger (Paul Huxley)

Sister Mary Jane Has Her Doubts

Sister Mary Jane waxes cynical over the government’s planned reforms to anti-discrimination law. Nuno Lajoso

Stop The Boats

Continuing to repeat the same actions and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.

Freshly Doug Weekender

23rd Nov 1992 Australia lets gays & lesbians serve openly in the armed forces – UK 200, USA 2012. Well done Aussies! And other morsels from around the rest of the world.

Sharona Gott

Freshly Doug Thursday

First up today, a short farewell. Before there was the stirrer, there was a blog called Current Affairs, but I’m about to close that down. For a nostalgic look back,…

Rainbow Report on Docos

Podcast now up: 1900hrs AEDST every Thursday on Joy 94.9: streaming live via the web or the free iPone app, Doug Pollard presents The Rainbow Report.

AIDS: Mission NOT Accomplished

James Rendell says it is time to ask why gay men continue to expose themselves to HIV at higher levels than the broader community, and to have known HIV negative risk takers become more accountable for their own health.

Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Who is required by law to report child abuse etc. across Australia and state by state.

Freshly Doug Wednesday

ASEAN declaration butchers Human Rights; Baillieu axes youth suicide program; Cricket Oz-not quite diverse enough; sports really are more homophobic; & more

Anti-Discrimination – A Holy Cop-Out

The proposed ‘religious’ exemptions to anti-discrimination law make no sense, especially in the light of the compromise over aged-care.