The Silent Minority

Carrington Brigham argues that marriage equality is in the hands of the heterosexual community, or majority: it’s time for our allies to come out and fight for us.

Friends of Dorothy Part 2: The Power of One

Daniel Witthaus continues his thoughts on forging alliances with mainstream organisations and he allies within them.


Freshly Doug Tuesday

Did Queensland get it right, defunding QAHC? And are we going to ignore the coming Ugandan LGBT holocaust?

Friends of Dorothy – Part 1: Not Victims But Allies

In the first of a two-part series, educator Daniel Witthaus looks at claims of gay ‘victimhood’ and the value of straight allies.

Freshly Doug Monday

Doug is on holiday, but some things cannot be ignored: a round-up of progress in cleaning up the Roman Catholic Church in Australia.

Green Melinda

Priestly Exemptions

Gregory Storer asks, why is the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby apparently condoning discrimination against gays who want to be priests?

Gladstone Rally for Equal Marriage

Marriage equality rally for Gladstone, Queensland, one of Australia’s largest commodity export ports.

Sarah G

Freshly Doug Weekender

Priestly pack rape & murder; backtracking in Hong Kong & Malawi; Christian Lobby rebuffed; Rachel Maddow’s reality check. All Freshly Doug for the weekend.

Freshly Doug Thursday

YES WE DID!! Short and sweet today after all yesterday’s euphoria. Congratulations to our LGBTI family in the USA: not only did the best man win the Presidency – Romney…

Rainbow Report: Is Equal Marriage Dead?

Is Equal Marriage Dead? Andrew Barr, James Vigus, Alex Greenwich, Bob Such, Rob Mitchell & The Rainbow Reporter explore.