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Let’s call ‘religious exemptions’ what they really are: extraordinary unjustified privileges.

Call me naive, if you like, but pretty well everyone can agree that the world works best when everyone is working to the same agreed set of rules. That, surely,…

My Gay Agenda – Brian Greig

Why are there no full page adverts in the queer press shouting, “Stop Labor’s Anti-Homosexual Laws?” GLBTI lobby groups have been muted. Rainbow Labor is silent. Where are the placards, the petitions, the marches and protests?


So What That You’re Offended?

Miles Heffernan argues that winning judgements in courts doesn’t win over the hearts and minds of our opponents.


Freshly Doug Wednesday

Senate ally downed, Nepal goes gender-neutral, Russia thinks again, LGBTI, sport & schools.

AIDS Councils silent on discrimination law reform

Is it time to defund the AIDS councils and give the money to useful people?

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Gareth takes his “Tatts on Ice”;Dolly gets death threats;Cheyenne goes gay;send a letter to Senate.


Write Senate, Not Santa: You have till midnight

You only have TILL MIDNIGHT to make a submission to the Senate Committee examining the Exposure Draft of Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 . I did: will you?

IndyDina w Mr Wonderful http://www.flickr.com/photos/littlesister/

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Puritans winning everywhere: Australia, UK, Uganda, Libya. Just a few rays of light in a dark time.

Rockbadger (Paul Huxley)

Sister Mary Jane Has Her Doubts

Sister Mary Jane waxes cynical over the government’s planned reforms to anti-discrimination law.


Anti-Discrimination – A Holy Cop-Out

The proposed ‘religious’ exemptions to anti-discrimination law make no sense, especially in the light of the compromise over aged-care.