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Intersex & Ignorance

“How does that confusion work?”


15 G.A.Y.* Agenda Items

More like notes for an agenda, really, since new issues are surfacing regularly during this interminable election campaign. Random jottings, in no particular order, pulling together issues I have come…

Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill Dropped

Act now to save the anti-discrimination bill.

Rainbow Report on The Margins

All change in Bairnsdale? The intersex birth certificate problem. Queer Film is missing a movie.

Freshly Doug Monday

Sir David ignores gay animals, VCFL say they’re in the clear, football anti-homophobia campaign eclipsed by drugs and drink.

David Ingram http://www.flickr.com/photos/dingatx

Rainbow Report on Progress

Are we making progress on marriage, fighting HIV, reducing discrimination, in the armed forces? Doug Pollard’s guests Air Commodore Tracy Smart, AMEs Carl Katter, AFAOs Rob Lake & OII Aus’s Gina Wilson tonight.

Angie Garrett http://www.flickr.com/photos/smoorenburg/

Discrimination Fail: Intersex

The inclusion of Intersex has been uncontroversial in Tasmania legislation, says OII, so why it would be so in federal legislation?